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How 3VC enabled faster portfolio monitoring and reporting by consolidating their data in Vestberry

3VC, the venture capital group, realized that working with scattered portfolio data and Excel workbooks became inefficient for their day-to-day operations. Planning, portfolio evaluations and reports started to consume too much of their time as the data needed to be frequently maintained. Ready to tackle these issues, 3VC partnered with Vestberry to unite their data, streamlining data management and reporting.

Industry focusSoftware
AUM€ 200 M
Portfolio size16 companies
HeadquartersVienna, Austria

About 3VC

3VC is a European venture capital fund that invests in a handpicked group of technology startups with global ambition. Focusing on Series A, 3VC’s entrepreneurial team invests €1-10M tickets across DACH & CEE and, together with its network, provides tireless support to its portfolio companies.

The challenges of scattered data

The 3VC team faced the pressing challenge of operating with dispersed information scattered across various places and files within the organization. Relying on key Excel workbooks that required monthly updates, they struggled to compare actuals versus planned KPIs and evaluate PC performance across their portfolio effectively.

While the team diligently tracked individual insights for each PC, obtaining a comprehensive overview demanded the creation and consolidation of a new Excel workbook. This manual processes could lead to human errors where identifying the root cause was challenging.

Moreover, the coordination of timely and accurate reporting, whether for internal purposes or regulatory compliance, posed a constant struggle. Any mistakes made along the way became difficult to trace back to their source, impeding the team’s ability to address underlying issues quickly.

Searching for a solution to unit all data

3VC’s goal was to establish a single source of truth with tracking of crucial elements, including:

  • core transactions
  • cap tables
  • KPIs
  • notes on the portfolio and board meetings
  • store key documents

In addition, the client wanted to overcome the limitations of managing multiple scattered Excel sheets and documents, seeking the flexibility and collaborative power that Vestberry’s solution could deliver.

3VC wanted to unite all their portfolio data under a single source of truth in order to:

Save time

spent on data management and reporting

Reduce errors

in data that required frequent updates

Ensure tracking

of core transactions, cap tables, KPIs, notes and documents

We quickly build templates to extract Actuals vs. Forecasts and use add-in also for quarterly reporting. In comparison to the previous way of work, doing this in Vestberry provides us with a linear history of changes which is better.

Eva ArhPartner @ 3VC

The solution, powered by Vestberry

All data united under a single source of truth

Acting as a reliable source of truth, Vestberry consolidates core transaction data, cap tables, notes on the portfolio and board, KPI tracking, and storage of key documents. Our platform empowers the client with a centralized repository, ensuring comprehensive tracking and eliminating data fragmentation.


Streamlined Reporting via Excel Add-In

Previously, customizing reports for regulatory bodies consumed significant effort and time. Manual data search and preparation could span over a day, diverting valuable resources from value-creating tasks. With Vestberry, the creation of these reports is now streamlined and expedited. Our intuitive add-in functionality enables the generation of customized reports within a few hours, liberating our client from time-consuming manual processes.


Improved Efficiency of KPIs Collection & Management

By building templates to extract Actuals vs. Forecasts and utilizing the Vestberry add-in for quarterly reporting, our client experienced enhanced efficiency. The time invested in generating these reports was drastically reduced, enabling the team to focus on higher-value activities. With Vestberry’s seamless integration and processes, the client achieved significant time savings, empowering them to allocate their efforts more efficiently.


Linear History of Changes at hand in the Audit Trial feature

Vestberry platform provides our client with a linear history of changes, enhancing transparency and auditability. Unlike the previously fragmented approach, Vestberry ensures a comprehensive and organized record of all modifications, empowering the client to trace back and analyze the evolution of data accurately. This linear history not only improves accountability but also facilitates a deeper understanding of usage trends and insights about the latest changes.


The benefits of creating the single source of truth in Vestberry

  1. Reduced report preparation time: 3VC can now create custom reports in just a few hours, saving valuable time on manual data search and preparation process.
  2. Improved efficiency: Leveraging Vestberry’s Excel add-in functionality streamlined report generation, increasing.
  3. Enhanced transparency and auditability: Vestberry platform provides a linear history of changes, improving transparency, accountability.
  4. Centralized and comprehensive tracking of key data: 3VC now benefits from a reliable source of truth, consolidating core transactions, cap tables, notes on the portfolio and board, KPI tracking, and key documents.
  5. Seamless collaboration and elimination of data fragmentation: Vestberry platform streamlines collaboration, eliminating the need to store data in Excel sheets and files, and ensuring data integrity.

We have a small portfolio, and previously, any time a regulatory body wanted some customized report, it took a lot of effort. Normally, manually searching for the data and preparing everything could take more than a day. However, reports are not where you create value. Now, we spent a few hours creating these reports via an add-in.

Eva ArhPartner @ 3VC

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