Company Updates
Aug 11, 2022

3VC chooses Vestberry, a cutting-edge portfolio management platform

3VC is a European Venture Capital group based in Vienna, Austria. It invests in a carefully handpicked group of European technology startups (mainly from DACH and CEE region) and has a global ambition. Primarily focusing on Series A, 3VC’s entrepreneurial team provides tireless support and access to an international co-investment network of VC partners. 3VC’s backs category-defining companies like Assaia, Kaia Health, Lokalise, Picsart, Storyblok, and Tatum.

As of today, the company has made over 20 significant investments and has over € 150M assets under management. 

Key focus areas include business process optimisation and automation, security, cloud and IT infrastructure, fintech, and health tech. 

The latest additions to 3VC’s portfolio include:

  • Storyblok

Storyblok is a Headless & API-based CMS as a Service. A CMS for editors – Structured data for developers, visit Storyblok is becoming the backbone of next-gen content management with $47M Series B funding | 3VC (

  • Avi Medical

Avi Medical is a digital health care company that provides telemedicine services. 

  • Tatum

Tatum is the fastest way to build, test and run blockchain apps.

For more information, visit 

About Vestberry

Vestberry is portfolio management and reporting software for venture capital and private equity. It manages nearly $5 billion of investments in companies such as Wolt, Carta, Stripe, and eToro.

The software offers automation of workflow, reporting, and communication with limited partners and provides advanced analytics to make better investment decisions, enabling investors to evolve their information management and make automated quarterly LP reporting easier and faster.



Vestberry is building a fintech analytical platform helping Venture Capital and Private Equity investors manage their capital smarter, allowing them to invest in companies who strive to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, from climate change to mental health. With Vestberry, our clients increase team productivity significantly, streamline internal processes, and can make better investment decisions faster. As a result, Vestberry brings clients a competitive advantage, both in terms of speed & quality of investment decisions and also the potential to attract increasingly data-oriented investors.

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