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Aug 23, 2022

Anthemis Group joins forces with Vestberry for 3.0 lean portfolio management

Anthemis Group is a global platform that cultivates change in the financial system by investing in, growing, and sustaining businesses committed to resiliency, transparency, access, and equity. Founded in 2010, and having a strong presence in all key markets, the firm creates a fertile ground for a diverse group of startups, investors, entrepreneurs, institutions, academics, and visionaries to converge to solve the financial systems’ most pressing challenges faster, better and for the benefit of all.

Group´s vision is to build one of the world’s leading diversified financial services platforms with a commitment to authentic collaboration, virtuous cycle outcomes, diversity and inclusivity as a blueprint for the economy.

Anthemis Group has a diversified portfolio of best-in-class, high-growth, digitally native financial services companies based around the world. Their ​​full-stack platform invests across all stages of growth from pre-seed to IPO.

The firm’s Venture Studio team builds businesses that complement partners’ business models, visions, yielding investor-grade returns, and strategic optionality.

The global Fintech market is projected to reach over $190 billion by 2026, and with over 150 investments in fintech, Anthemis continues to be one of the most active fintech investors with over 190+ investments, including in industry standouts Betterment, eToro, Currency Cloud, The Climate Corporation, Carta, and Happy Money.  The firm raised $700 million in 2021 of fresh capital to be split across strategies. This allows the firm to continue its thesis of investing in pre-seed through Series B embedded finance companies. This brings their total AUM to $1.5 billion.  

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Vestberry is building a fintech analytical platform helping Venture Capital and Private Equity investors manage their capital smarter, allowing them to invest in companies who strive to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, from climate change to mental health. With Vestberry, our clients increase team productivity significantly, streamline internal processes, and can make better investment decisions faster. As a result, Vestberry brings clients a competitive advantage, both in terms of speed & quality of investment decisions and also the potential to attract increasingly data-oriented investors.

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