What to expect from Onboarding

Discover what to expect when introducing the Vestberry platform into your tech stack.


Project assessment

To get a clear understanding of what lies ahead of us, the first step in the Onboarding process is Project assessment. 
We have a look at your data structure and sources. 
Together we agree on the project timeline, set expectations, and plan resources allocation on both sides. For a successful onboarding, commitment from both sides is a must.


Project kick-off

Your dedicated Customer Success Manager then will organize and run a meeting with with you and key stakeholders to define the key objectives and goals of the onboarding, and to agree on a realistic timeline, introducing timeline of the onboarding. We will also confirm with you all important milestones, plan 
the training of your team and transfer of your data.


Onboardingthe data & the team

During the Kickoff we agree on how much assistance you require with data migration. If the capacity and budget allows, our experienced Data Analysts are happy to do full data migration for you (see the pricing here). As the Data Analysts work on your data transfer, CSM will simultaneously train your team to use Vestberry, while overseeing the overall progress of the onboarding. Based on the agreement, weekly or bi-weekly follow-up calls are scheduled to monitor the progress.


Project wrap-up

Time for the feedback! Project wrap-up includes reviewing the objectives and milestones we set in the plan. We double-check the data on the platform and review if expectations were met on both sides. We make sure the team has become a confident platform user.


Final handover

Onboarding is just the beginning of our relationship. Both the Customer Success and Support teams are available to you on
a regular basis. We look forward to quarterly review calls, client surveys, feature suggestions, and many interactions via live chat.


Data migration brings its own benefits

Gap analysis

We understand that your data is unique and may not match perfectly with Vestberry's system. Our Data Analysts will review your data and prepare a report identifying any discrepancies and missing data. Based on this report, we work with you to fill in the gaps, ensuring you get the most out of the Vestberry platform.

Data structure review

Our Team will conduct a thorough review of your data structure, which enables us to give you a 90% accurate estimate of how long the data import process will take. This helps you to plan your resources accordingly, ensuring a smooth and efficient onboarding experience.

Data error check

To ensure the data is error-free, we request from you the latest report, allowing us to cross-reference key metrics and calculations with the data in Vestberry. Our dedicated CSM also reviews the data submitted by your team.


Our team comprises of seasoned experts, including our Customer Data Analysts with extensive experience in handling diverse data sets, and our Customer Success Managers who have overseen numerous data sets and trained a wide range of clients. and so that can help you with any edge cases.


Once all your data is integrated into the system, you will have access to the platform's full potential. This includes advanced automation capabilities, a unified and reliable source of truth for all your data, 
and effortless sharing of critical information across teams.

Best practices

Our team will guide you in preparing KPIs, implementing ESG standards, tracking transactions, and managing various investment scenarios. With Vestberry, you can be confident that you are leveraging the full potential of our platform and maximizing your investment outcomes.

Support via live chat

We understand that seamless communication is vital for investment management and working with our platform. That’s why our communication with you doesn’t end after onboarding. Once you complete training, you gain access to our live chat support. This feature offers real-time assistance and personalized solutions for all your queries. Our dedicated team of experts 
is just a click away. With our live chat support, you can quickly connect with us and receive help with your investment portfolio, account, or learn more about our platform, without having to send multiple emails and wait for a response from your CSM.


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How long does it take to onboard Vestberry and what are the best practices?

“Norrsken team started using Vestberry in just 4 weeks. Dedication from the client's side during the onboarding is essential. Understanding this, the client can have a single source of truth, the right numbers in place, and higher process efficiency within a few weeks.”

Natalia JAMBOROVAHead of Customer Success & Support

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