A truly powerful platform for VC & PE portfolio management

A trusted source of insight for successful data-driven portfolio management.

Record - Organize - Track

Investment transaction tracking

Maintaining transaction-related data over time can be challenging when done in spreadsheets. Step up from a maze of spreadsheets interlinked by complex formulas to Vestberry's intuitive and detailed interface. Keep your investment record perfectly organized, easily accessible to your team, and error-free.

Record equity, debt & convertible investments, warrants, escrows, liabilities, valuations, and much more.

Collect - Consolidate - Get Insights

Portfolio KPI collection

Bring all your essential metrics and performance indicators under one roof. Collect KPIs and documents from portfolio companies directly via a dedicated Investee Portal. Add customizable metrics to record your internal assessment.
Work with: financial, non-financial, and ESG metrics; numbers, percentages, lists, scores, and dates; formulas and a range of currencies.

Export - Customize - Automate

LP reporting

We've heard many GPs describe their ideal LP reporting solution. It automates the LP report workflow to fast-track the process and to eliminate human error. Yet it provides flexibility to customize the document's structure, content, and design. All in Excel. All Invest Europe & ILPA compliant.

That is exactly how we built our LP reporting solution.

Collect - Consolidate - Decide

Analytics & insights

Gain crucial insight by slicing and dicing the data. So easy, yet so powerful. Access unlimited analytic capabilities without the need to export/import the data.

Break down your portfolio using multi-factor analysis. Understand MOIC by industry or amount invested vs. fair value and much more. See how your portfolio would perform without certain companies. Find the most profitable patterns in your portfolio. Identify sectors where you are losing money.

Spend time where it matters the most

Less time on data means more time for strategic decisions

More features to save time & resources

Financing rounds overview

Cap table management

Fund level metrics

Excel add-in


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Quantonation, the first early-stage VC fund dedicated to deep physics & quantum technologies, automates its fund processes with Vestberry.

With Vestberry, we are able to get most of our financial reporting done at the click of a button. We needed software that could serve as a single source of truth for my colleagues and me while having a reliable source for reporting to our LPs.

Farah ABDALLAHAnalyst at Quantonation

Small features that make a big difference

File Library

Keep data & files together in the platform.

User Management

Manage user access & privileges on the platform.

Audit Log

See detailed logs on all the changes made to your data.

FX Rates

Work all in one currency with our automatic FX rates.

ESG Metrics

Track the social & environmental impact of your portfolio.

Investee Portal

Get data from startups directly via Investee Portal.

Time Machine

Turn back and see a data snapshot at a specific point in the past.


Source data in or out of Vestberry via API.

Data Validation

Rely on automated data validation (FX rates, cap table, and KPIs).

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