Company Updates
May 02, 2022

Hiro Capital partners with Vestberry for modern and reliable portfolio management

Hiro Capital is a Luxembourg / London technology venture capital fund that invests in European and UK innovators in Video Games, Esports, Streaming, and Digital Sports. Hiro Capital is so-named for the hero you become when you play a game or sport – and the hero you are when you found and build a company.

Hiro Capital generally invests at the post-seed Series A and B stages. It invests both in front-end content creators in Games, Esports, and Digital Sports and in deep tech sector-specific applications of Cloud, Mobile, Streaming, Big Data, AI, Wearables, AR, and VR technologies.

The latest additions to Hiro Capital’s portfolio include

Keen Games – Series B (2021)

Keen Games is one of Germany’s best-established developers of console games, with more than 18 years of experience in the industry.

Loco – Seed (2021)

Loco is India’s leading live game-streaming platform, made in India for the Indian gaming community.

Twin Suns Corp – Seed (2021)

Twin Suns Corp is a new world-class global video game studio developing action games for console and PC, based in Seattle, US. 

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About Vestberry

Vestberry is portfolio management and reporting software for venture capital and private equity. It manages nearly $5 billion of investments in companies such as Wolt, Carta, Stripe, and eToro.

The software offers automation of workflow, reporting, and communication with limited partners and provides advanced analytics to make better investment decisions, enabling investors to evolve their information management and make automated quarterly LP reporting easier and faster.



Vestberry is building a fintech analytical platform helping Venture Capital and Private Equity investors manage their capital smarter, allowing them to invest in companies who strive to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, from climate change to mental health. With Vestberry, our clients increase team productivity significantly, streamline internal processes, and can make better investment decisions faster. As a result, Vestberry brings clients a competitive advantage, both in terms of speed & quality of investment decisions and also the potential to attract increasingly data-oriented investors.

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