Nov 29, 2022

Keynote: The State of Digitalization of Private Equity – Berlin 2022

marek zamecnik

Vestberry was a proud partner of the 0100 CFO & COO Forum that took place on November 24, 2022, in Berlin, Germany.

Attendees could meet our colleagues, and Vestberry CEO, Marek Zamecnik, was present on the stage on 2 occasions.

  1. Panel discussion: Technology & automation in the VC fund: how to embrace new technologies to bring efficiencies across the business?
  2. Keynote: The State of Digitalization of Private Equity
    How should VCs transform their operations to stay competitive? How does the digitalization process look in top VC funds? Is the VC industry’s future fully automated, or will VC always be a people business?

The Keynote: The State of Digitalization of Private Equity

Marek’s keynote was about the future of private equity and venture capital funds with regard to data analytics and technology and their role in the future of the industry. You can watch the full recording below.

Five key messages

  1. The way fund managers have been working with technology, and data is suited for a world that no longer exists. AI and data analytics use by venture capital executives is expected to increase from less than 5% in 2021 to over 75% by 2025.
  2. Data analytics is eating the world. Becoming a data-driven general partner (GP) will be decisive in staying competitive in front of limited partners (LPs) in the near future. A data-driven GP should establish its own unique selling proposition (USP) based on its data advantage.
  3. The evolution of the CFO and COO role in funds is more aligned with data science. It is essential to have deep fund operations & finance knowledge, as well as to become more tech-savvy and understand data science workflows to extract insights.
  4. The focus should not only be on data collection but also on automation and potential tech innovations that can help sort data. It is about finding software solutions that can help crunch numbers and calculate metrics instead of relying solely on manual processes in Excel.
  5. The use of technology and data analytics will be a significant competitive advantage for private equity and venture capital funds in the future. The tech stack you adopt will be an enabler of having a unique data strategy and insight.


Vestberry is building a fintech analytical platform helping Venture Capital and Private Equity investors manage their capital smarter, allowing them to invest in companies who strive to solve the world’s most pressing challenges, from climate change to mental health. With Vestberry, our clients increase team productivity significantly, streamline internal processes, and can make better investment decisions faster. As a result, Vestberry brings clients a competitive advantage, both in terms of speed & quality of investment decisions and also the potential to attract increasingly data-oriented investors.

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